Vintage UK RPG zines: Update August 3rd, 2004
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Brian Christopher Misiaszek
2004-08-03 02:48:59 UTC
Vintage UK RPG Zines: Update August 3rd, 2004

This ongoing project to alphabetically (and comprehensively) list all
vintage UK RPG zines, fanzines and prozines has increased now to
*330* different titles by my latest reckoning.

Thanks to Brett Easterbrook, Ben Goodale, Michael Jacobs, John Foody,
and Viv Dunstand for their many corrections and additions for this
latest update. Some new information on pro-zine Flagship, and the
zines Utter Drivel, Exeunt, ZadragorZette and Morrigan, and some
changes to the Warpstone entry. Quite a few more zine additions
(thanks Brett!) and few more zine editors tracked down.

I've had a flurry of Emails in my in-basket recently go astray; I hope
I've included everything that others have helpfully provided. If not,
please write back, as any omissions are not deliberate. I also may be
a little slow on the next few updates, mea culpa.


****Vintage & Current UK RPG Zines******
*******Updated as of August 3rd, 2004*******


The Acolyte [ed. Pete Tamlyn; initially Southhampton University
club-zine under the name The Apocalypse for the first 5 issues before
the name change (note separate zine of same name]; FRP and diplomacy
zine; 60 issues (Jan 1980 – Aug 1985).
Adventurer's Anonymous [ed. Richard Stitson]
Aerial Servant
Albion [ed. Don Turnball; aimed mostly at postal and war-games, but
later RPG material]
Alice [ed. Richard Campbell; re-launch of This Way Up]
Alien Star [ed. D.W. Hockham; Traveller zine; 8 issues beginning 1981]
Amulet [ed. Richard Henderson with Alex Bardy]
Angel [ed. Brian Duguid; one issue (see Blue Shaboo)]
The Apocalypse [ed.?; different zine than the one that eventually
became The Acolyte]
The Arbalest [ed. Paul Slusarewicz; Stormbringer, Call of Cthulhu, Dr.
Who RPG, and other RPGs covered; not to be confused with the anarchist
zine of the same name]
ArgleBargle [ed. Simon Lindsay; started of in LSD as a sub-zine then
became a zine in its own right before evolving into The Brothers Grim]
Aslan [ed. Andrew Rilstone & Martin Wykes,13 issues, with many
sub-zines and spin off zines; RPG theory, reviews]
philosophy, speculation & commentary; highly regarded]
Atu XVIII [ed. Trevor Mendham; FRP, discussion and dip-zine]

Backstabbers United Monthly [BUM] [ed. Malcolm Cornelius; started off
as an En Garde! and Diplomacy gamezine, with other RPGs added; 1988-]
Balrog Banter [ed. Paul Evens; hardware RPG zine with a supplement
each issue to accompany the scenario]
The Bat
Beaumains [ed. Gareth Jones; devoted to Pendragon RPG and things
Arthurian; 6 issues]
The Beholder [ed. Guy Duke & Mike Stoner, later Nicholas Scales; A5
format, very slick, 1979-?; later revived into The New Beholder]
Black Freighter [ed. Paul Williams]
Black Mole [ed. Ian Creasey]
Black Knight [ed. Angela Times]
Black Rider [ed. Gavin Carver]
Blood Guts & Beer [ed. Barry Atkins; Runequest]
Blue Shaboo [ed. Brian Duguid; chat, perzine and "rolegame" zine;
sequential issues had new names in alphabetical order, with issue #1
(A) really being called Angel, issue B being Blue Shaboo , C being
Centurian. Then it went with D with Dear Whoever; E was Everything You
Always Wanted To Know About Shaboos but Were Afraid to Ask; F was
Finale; issue G (title unknown) ; issue H was L Ron Hubbard Fanclub
Newsletter, issue I was If In Doubt; there were further in the series
but increasingly detached from the original zine concept]
Bohemian Rhapsody [ed. Malcolm Smith; RPG and dipzine]
Bone of Contention [ed. Steven Rawlinson & Fergus Selby]
A Bolt from the Blue [ed. Ken Bain]
The Booklet of Many Things [ed. Mark Beresford]
Boris [ed. Dave Murray & Chris Preist]
Borkelby's Folly [ed. Ray Gillham; Jorune RPG zine; 3 issues]
Brick in the Face [ed. Fergus Selby]
The Brothers Grimm [ed. Simon Lindsay]
The Bubonic Plagiarist

Carnel [ed. Robert Rees, 1994- current as of 2004; one of very few
active UK RPG zines today]
Cassandra [ed. Anthony Bourke & Damien Maddalena; RPG chat zine with
diplomacy waiting lists; 8 issues, Sept 1985 - Aug 1986]
Celestial Homecare Omnibus [ed. Ian Gibbs]
Centurian ["sequel" to Blue Shaboo #2]
Cerebral Cortex [ed. Tyrone Stodart, ? the follow on of Writings of a
Converted Wraith]
Cerebreton [ed. Alex Bardy, mostly SF RPGs]
Chimaera [ed. Clive Booth; highly respected diplomacy zine that also
ran postal En Garde! and D&D; 103 issues, May 1975 to July 1983]
Citizens of Grenada [ed. Andrew Meek]
Codpiece [ed. Ralph Horsley, 10+ issues, originally Convert or Die]
Conflict of Chaos
Controversial Repertoires of an Alcoholic Prat [ed. Bob Topley;
Crimson Steel [ed. Andy Warner, one issue]
Cruel Worlds [ed. M. Donkersley; 1985-?]
Cult of Anubis [ed. N.J. Booth]
Cut and Thrust [ed. Derek Wilson]

Dagon [ed. Carl T. Ford; Call of Cthulhu; 27 issues, 19??-1990,
special revival issue pending 2004; first issue available online as a
Dancing at the End of Time [ed. Jonathan Laidlow, 1987-?]
Danse Macabre [ed. Rik Rowe; Horror RPGs, mostly Call of Cthulhu]
Dark Elf
Dark Star [ed. Trevor Graver; Traveller zine; 5 issues]
Daughters of Dool [ed. Bob Jackson; RPG and perzine]
Dead Elf [ed. Andrew Fisher; hardware and ideas for an Asterix RPG;
also included "Isozine", a perzine]
Death's Dance Taken Slowly [ed. Brian Dolton,?13 issues, RPG theory]
Delusions of Grandeur [ed. Nathan Cubitt, with Mike Blake & Paul
Duncanson; 1988-1995, 4 issues plus a one shot, compilation "Best Of"
published in 2002 and edited Robert Rees of "Carnal"]
Demon Issue
Demon's Blood [ed. Brian Dolton; 5 (?7) issues]
Demons Drawl [ed. Jeremy Nuttall & others including Dave Robinson and
Nick Edwards; RPG & PBM, covered material about their campaign world
Galadra, later split away and renamed Telegraph Road]
Descending Darkness [ed.?; 3 issues, Call of Cthulhu]
Destiny [ed. E. Rackstraw; SF RPGs]
Dig My Dogma [ed. Mark Wisher]
Dimension Zero [ed. Bryn Thomas]
Dispatch It [ed.?; Windsor & Maidenhead RPG Groups clubzine]
DOOL [ed. Bob Jackson; formerly Daughters of DOOL]
Doombook of Chaos [ed. Jonathon P Irwin (Des) & Brandon Bennett
Doomed Dwarves Journal [ed. Gavin White]
Dragonlords [eds. Marc Gascoigne, Mike Lewis & Ian Marsh]
Dragonlore [Alexander Hildyard, at least 6 issues]
Dragon's Breath [ed. Warren Barnes]
Drak Con [ed. S. Douglas; 1987-]
Drune Kroll [eds. Justin Horrell and Iain Bowen, RPG hardware, 3
Durin's Bane [ed.?, 1986-?]

Eh? [ed. Alex Bardy]
Eiledon [ed. Mark Jones; Cthulhu & PBM Sopwith, etc.; successor to
Sacrificing the Goat]
Elsewhere [ed. Mark Wadey; RPGs, PBMs, books, films & comics]
Exeunt [edited by Ben Goodale. Postal gaming and personal zine. 1988,
2 issues in total.]
Explorer [ed. Brian Cowan, 1985-?]
Explosive Rune
Eye of All Seeing Wonder [ed. Dave Morris, then Steve Foster; Tekumel
& Empire of the Petal Throne]

Fantasia [ed. Gerard Birkhill; RPG reviews]
Fantastic Scenarios (ed Guy Duke; TBH Fanzine Supplement, 5 issues ?;
reprinted scenarios from The Beholder zine)
Fantasy Tomb [ed. Andrew Thompson; ?1 issue]
Fat Knite [ed. Steve Blincoe; cost 70p]
The Fiery Cross [ed. Tom Stacey; RPGs & films]
Fire and Water [ed. Andrew Hill]
First Strike [ed. M. Clarke]
FIST [ed.?; short for *F*anzine L*ist*]
Five Year Plan [ed. Denis Jones]
Floating World [ed.?; FGU RPGs]
From Kain's Den [ed.?' the newsletter for players and members GMs of
the WORG PBM Association]
Fusions [ed. Warwick University SF&F Society, thoughtful RPG

Games Gazette [ed. Chris Baylis; A4, 32 pages, cost 60p]
Games Without Frontiers
Glarg [ed. Steven Hampson]
The Good Games Guide
Grav Gauss and Pods Rifles [RPG clubzine of York U. SF&F club;?
Greatest Hits [ed. Pete Birks; 122+ issues; chat, review, games]
Grim Reaper [ed. Geraint Davies; Tunnels & Trolls]
Grimtooth's Friends [ed.?]
Green Goblin [ed. John Breakwell; chat zine]
Ground Zero
The Guilder

Hacking Times [ed. Dylan Harris]
Harvest Time [ed. Martin Veart]
Hellfire [ed. A.S. Lilly]
Hits To Kill [ed. Domenic de Bechi]
Hocus Pocus [ed. by Paul "Pum" Holman, three issues, starting #0]
Hounds of Avalar [ed. James McDermott]
Holy Avenger [ed.?, 1986-?]
Hopscotch [ed. Alan Parr]
Home of the Brave [ed. Geoff Challinger; postal games zine, also
includes Serendipity subzine by John Webley]
Horse Manure [ed. S. Cooper, 1986-?]

I Don't Wanna go Back in the Box [ed. John J. Smith; at least 5
Illusionist's Vision
Imazine [ed. Paul Mason, ?-2003, and still published/available online;
game theory, reviews and thoughtful articles; archived at British
Library; highly regarded]
Immoral Minority [ed. Peter Wilkinson]
The Impaler [ed. Mark Stockton; "systemless fanzine"]
Infernal Desire [ed. Matt Harrison]
Inflammatory Material [ed. Simon Billenness, perzine with some RPG
Instant Karma [ed. James Wallis]
Intellect Devourer [ed. Dave Hughes; A5, 48 pages, cost 70p; issue 6
is Prisoner special; covered W40K, Paranoia, CoC, Judge Dredd and
Into the Darkness [ed. Nick Price]
Iron Orchid [ed. Nick Edwards, 8+ issues, RPG & PBMs]
Iskra [ed. Tom Conway, music and RPG zine]
It's Clobbering Time [eds. Andrew de Salis, Steve Weekes; superhero
RPGs; 2 issues]
Ivory Tower [Geoff Dean, Yasser & Akram el Gabry, ? 8 issues, Golden
Heroes, Runequest, and Traveller hardware, modules and articles; issue
6 team up with "Sound and Fury" #5; one issue (#?)entirely created in
calligraphic format]
Ivory, Peacocks and Apes [eds. Pete Lindsay and Gavin Greig started
mid 1990s, 2 issues, probably on permanent hiatus]

The Jester [ed. Alex Mosley; A5, 42 pages, 50p; described as "A games
zine by gamers for gamers"]
Journal of the Senseless Carnage Society [ed. Simon Hartley; 1983-?,
17+ issues]

Kayleigh [ed. Rob Nott; subzine to LSD, one issue]
Kirkwood [ed. Adam El-Badini]

Lac Ta [ed Tim Eccles; Farscape RPG Zine 2003]
Lankhmar Star Daily [LSD] [ed. Rob Nott; 28+ issues; RPG / Chat /
Music / fiction - incl interactive RPG Fiction "Hurry on a Sundown"
which continued in The Brothers Grim; team up with Danse Macbre #6 &
Lankhmar Star Daily #21 (with Danse Macabre renumbered itself as 12
for the Rush "2112" pun)]
Living the Orclife [ed. C.E. Nurse; less of a zine than a serialized
Lokasenna [ed. Brian Dolton; long running zine, mostly dipzine; 22+
issues; 1982-?]

Mad Policy [ed. Richard Walkerdine; started life as hardcore Dipzine]
Making Moves [ed. ?; Warhammer FRP, Call of Cthulhu and other RPGs]
Manic Depressive [ed. Nick Edwards]
The Martian Chronicles [ed. M. Wall]
Miser's Hoard [ed. John (?Ian) McKeown; ? 8 issues]
Monsterus Perversion
Moronica Ripsnore [ed. Gordon Mclennan, Scottish]
Morrigan [ed.?; Irish PBMzine]
My Father Killed a Man [ed. Jez Keen; one off zine, contains the
Dreamscape-like RPG "Carnations and Razorblades"]
Mystic Crystal [? ed Jason Kingsley]

Necronomicon [ed. Rik Rowe, issue 2 appears in Danse Marbre #2]

Nemesis [ed. Tim Hyde]
The New Beholder [ed?; A4 format when revived from the ashes of The
New Fusions [University of Warwick SF & Fantasy Society clubzine]
News From Bree [Ed Hartley Patterson, 20+ issues, started as a Tolkien
fanzine in pre-D&D days]
Next Stop Jupiter [ed. Jez Keen; gaming and perzine]
Nightflyer [ed. Tim Harford, and various others; Oxford University RPG
Society clubzine]
NMR! [ed. Ken Bain and Brian Creese's; primarily a dipzine, but
articles about magic in D&D, postal D&D, etc.; very long running
1979-1992 and over 137 issues before being turned over into pure
dipzine Spring Offensive]
Norst Claw
Northern Line [ed. Ben Goodale. 1988. One-off personal zine by Utter
Drivel editor.]
Now Eat the Rabbit [NERTZ] [ed. William Whyte; mostly personal & PBM
Irish zine with some RPG famous for it's unusual formats (infamous
"Moebius strip" issue, and another one wrapped about a plastic spoon);
at least 76 issues, last issue ~1993]

Obscurity Inc [ed. Tony Keen to issue 6, then Alexei Macdonald]
Obsidian Rex Quarterly [ed. P. Adams]
Ode [ed. John Marsden; dipzine & gaming perzine]
Oracle of Almost All Knowledge
Orc's Revenge [alternatively ed. Gavin Cameron and/or M. Hanson]
Orc Torc [ed. Ray Ellis]
Origin of Tree Worship [ed. Tim Eccles; WFRP zine 2002-]
Outlore [eds. Neil Watson & Richard Gaskill; first issue 1987]
Outposts (aka Shire Outposts) [ed. Andrew Poole; 1981-]
Out of the Mist [ed. Jason Kingsly; merger of Shadowfire/Mystic

Pandemonium [ed. Matthew de Monti; horror, comics, roleplaying]
Panzerkreuser [ed. Mark Sharpe, postal games zine]
Pavic Tales [ed.?; Runequest 3rd edition fanzine]
perChance [ed. Jim Johnston; Irish]
Perspiring Dreams [ed. John Dodds, postal games zine]
Pink Elephant [ed. Andrew Bonwick]
Play it! [ed. Trevor Mendham]
Polaris [ed. Simon Prest; 1 issue, 1987, Call of Cthulhu]
The Postal Roleplayer
Prisoner's Of War [eds. Wallace Nicoll & Doug Rowling]
Protoplasm [ed. Mark Winkelmann]

Punt & Pass
Psychobabble [Irish]
Psychopath [ed. Mike Dean, postal games zine]

Quality not Quantity [ed. David Sulks]
Quasits & Quasars [ed. David Hulks]

Rage in Eden [ed. Richard Mumford]
Rapscallion [ed. Steve Norledge]
Raven [ed. Gaven Ewing]
RCM [ed. Simon Ford, 1986-?]
Read Pheasant Throughout [ed. Nick Eden; Runequest, roleplaying and
comics; 2 issues]
Red Giant [eds. Thomas Haine & Toby Branfoot; mimeographed, RPG
modules and articles; not to be confused with the short lived RPG
prozine of the same name from the early 1990s that lasted a couple of
issues only]
Red Shift [ed. Jez Keen, more of a perzine with creative writing and
RPG ideas, one issue]
Roleplaying [? ed. Joe Deckchair]
Die Rubezahl [ed. Pete Blanchard, sequel to Monstrous Perversion)
Runeriter [ed. Neil Smith; Runequest RPG]
Runestone [ed. Bill Lucas and Nick Edwards]
Runezine [ed.?]

Sacrificing the Goat [ed. Mark Jones; succeeded by "Eidolon"]
Sarceen's Knowledge [ed. Alexander Blair; 1 issue, Sky Realms of
Sauce of the Nile [ed. Malcolm Smith; rebirth of Bohemian Rhapsody,
published in Antwerp Belgium]
School for Scandal [ed. Trevor Mendham; RPG hobby-news zine]
Secrets of the Koan [ed. Trevor Mendham?; University of Warwick
Seventh Sin of the Salamander [ed. Jonathan Laidlow]
SEWARS [ed. Chris Baylis]
Shadowfire [ed. Richard Lee]
Shatter [ed. Peter Wainwright; 1990-]
Shire Talk [ed.?]
Singing Citadel [ed?]
Skullcrusher [ed. Richard Langrish and others; RPG hardware and other
crunchy bits]
Slave [ed. Sheldon Bayley and Ben Goodale; reviews of other RPG zines]
Small Worlds
Snot Rag [ed.?, 1987-?]
The Sorcerer [ed Pete Bright]
Sound & Fury [ed. James Wallis (who later started up Hogshead
Publishing); ? 1985- ; "Sound & Fury" #5/"Ivory Tower"#6 team up
Space Operations [ed. Brian Scott; Space Opera & other FGU games]
Spawn of Chaos
Spectral Vision [ed. Mark McLean]
Spit 4 [ed. D. Evens]
Spitting From the Battlements
Starquester [ed. Mark Oswin]
Starships, Starports and Vehicles [ed.?; Traveler zine, 12 issues]
Start up [ed. Ian Lacey, PBM zine]
Storm Lord [ed.?; 15 issues]
Storm Ruler [Storm Lord v.2]
Superhero UK [originally ed. Simon Burley, and later Jonathan Clark;
RPG articles and modules which covered mostly Golden Heroes (created
by Burley) and Champions; 20 issues]
Superzine [ed. Dave Salisbury & Matt Williams; 2 issue?, super hero
Swansea With Me [v1, ed. Matt Williams, sequel to "Tales from
Tanelorn", not to be confused with...Swansea With Me [v2, ed. Alex
Zbyslaw, chat zine, published at the same time as the above]

Take That You Fiend [ed. J. Harrington, Kevin Warne; Tunnels & Trolls]
Tales After Dark
Tales from Tanelorn [ed. Matt Williams]
Tales of the Reaching Moon [ed. David Hall; emphasis on Glorantha
rather than being a Runequest zine, 20 issues; 19??-2003]
Telegraph Road [ed. Jeremy Nuttall, formerly Demon's Drawl]
The Team Up [A5, 40 pages; fanzine to highlight the following fanzines
(Fat Knite by Steve Blincoe, Dig My Dogma by Mark Wisher & Pink
Elephant by Andrew Bonwick)]
Tempestuous Orifice [ed. Chris Davies]
Theater of Pain [ed. Dave Robinson]

The Thing that Came from the Dungheap [ed. Michael Duggan]
Thingy [ed. Craig Naples; 5 issues, no 4 named 'Steak Plaice']
This Way Up
Thunderstruck [ed. Tim Kalvis, RPGs & related media]
Thunderwind [ed. John Dalziel & Paul Dawson; first issue #0]
Tome of Horrors [ed. Gordon Moir]
Tortured Souls [ed. A & J Hickling and J Barrett, Beast Enterprises
Ltd (Beast Entz) Oxford; 12 issues, 1983-86, adventure modules
(D&D/AD&D/RQ) and solo adventures using unique mapping system]
Tortured Souls [ed,?; small sized, 2 issues; not to be confused with
above Tortured Souls Mag 12 issues large size)
Torturers Apprentice [ed. Andrew Robinson]
The Torturer's Apprentice 2
Totally Zane [ed. Linda Little, mostly perzine, with some PBM and
Tragsnart [ed. Jon ?; subzine in Dool, and others; and also an online
version with reviews of other vintage zines]
Trojan Horse [ed. Andy Evans, diplomacy zine with D&D chat]
Tunnel Talk [ed. Simon Hanks, T&T Zine, Team up Tunnel talk 4 and
Pandemonium #14)
20 Years On [ed. Simon Billeness, Ian Shaw; reviews of many UK RPG
zines, dubbed "The Fanzine Buyer's Guide"]
Twinworld [ed. Mike Straaten, AD&D and Traveller]

Ultimatum [ed. Thomas Lynton; A5, 32 pages, cost 50p; issue 5 SF
Underworld Oracle [ed(s) Lou Nisbet & Phil Alexander; 7 issues, the
first 6 are small, the 7th is magazine sized ;July 1977 to May 1978
(1-6) Issue 7 Sept 1978?; issues 1-6 were reprinted as a pocket sized
Utter Drivel [Edited by Ben Goodale and Peter Christie. 1985-1990, 17
issues in total. Joint issue 7 with Tome of Horrors and Moronica
Ripsnore. Merged with Moronica Ripsnore (and renamed as UD) for
issues 12+1-16. Issue 14 included free board game "Blood on the Ice".
Final issue 17 joint issue with Fat Knite 6 (KniteUD). Role gaming
fanzine including popular postal game "Disastria" plus general hobby
chat, gossip, reviews and cartoons.
Vacuous Grimoire [ed.?; more than one issue?]
Verbal Diarrhoea [ed. Pete England; "rough and ready format", ran Rob
Nott's "2112" rules system]
Vollmond [ed. Andre Paine]
Voom Vat

The Wanderer
Warped Sense of Humor [ed. Julie Glig]
Weird [ed Mark Nelson]
Wereman [ed. James Wallis; 9 issues, 1982-84, RPG hardware; later
editor of Sound and Fury]
The Westron [ed.?, news of a D&D postal campaign]
White Elephant [ed.?; Irish, sequel to The Guilder]
White Rabbit [ed. Maurice Thomas]
White Shadow
"Wobbly Wobbly Fis Bang,Up Left, Two Three" [ed. TJ Lynton and Piran
Montford; nominally FRP but mostly perzine production]
Wolvesbane [ed. Jon French, AD&D]
Wolvesbane (ed Dave Ormerod; Crofton Fantasy Wargaming Society's
Wotsit [ed. Paul Mason, nickname applied to a series of one off titles
that eventually evolved into Imazine by the seventh issue in the
series; previous titles included #1 'The Pete Tamlyn Fanclub
Newsletter', #2 'Brian Dolton's Book of Flower Pressing', #3 'Ian
Marsh's Adventure Gaming Ideas(Novice Edition)', #4 'Rolegaming', #5
'Wanderings of This Stupid Imbecilic Twit' (to take advantage of the
nickname), and #6 is the Imagine parody]
The Writings of a Converted Wraith [? ed. Tyrone Stodart]
Wyrm's Claw [ed. Michelle?; Glorantha zine; at least 16 issues]

Yardsticks and Yarns [ed. Guy Robinson; online version, ? one issue
Y Draig Goch [ed. Iain Bowen, Welsh zine; literally translates from
Welsh as "The Drake Red", the motto used on the royal badge for Wales;
technically this should be under the ‘D's]
Year of the Rat [ed. Ian Marsh; mostly perzine with FRP content]

ZadragorZette [ed. Michael Jacobs; covered editor/player's "Zadragor"
Chivalry & Sorcery 2nd edition fantasy campaign; ten year run;
featured alos historical articles, items on literary classics, and
ideas on how to write your own RPGs; also ran Rob Nott's "Rock'n'Roll
card game, the home-grown "Poseurs & PubCrawls", which was later
developed into an (unmarketed) card & board game, and featured
"Konkordium", an SF campaign originally started in Traveller, but
which grew into a new and completely original RPG system; the final
issue, the "10 Years Later" anniversary special was published in 1990
as an A4 format souvenir of the game. ]
Zapah [ed Rick Byrne; perzine]


***UK Prozines/Semi-Prozines***

Adventurer [ed. Ste Dillon and published by Mersey Leisure Publishing
from April 1986 to June/July 1987, often bimonthly, but issues 6-10
came out every month, from January through to May 1987; 11 issues;
evolved into The Scribe]
arcane [ed. by various, with Dan Joyce as final editor, Future
Publishing; glossy prozine, 20 issues from December 1995-June 1997;
broad RPG coverage, and other games including CCGs; many articles
translated into the French RPG prozine Backstab, which was a licensed
version of arcane]

The Black Seal [ed. Adam Crossingham; "the magazine of modern horror
gaming", ~2002 to present; 3 issues so far as of spring 2004]
The Citadel Journal
Concepts [ed. "Max Van Owen" (? Editorial pseudonym); A4 size; ?4

Diceman [ed.?; interactive comic book containing several
fighting-fantasy type adventures; 5 issues,]
The Excellent Prismatic Spray [ed. Jim Webster, published by Simon
Rogers and Pelgrane Publishing; irregular adventure supplement devoted
to Pelgrane's Dying Earth RPG; at least six issues, elegant non-glossy

Fantasy Chronicles [ed.?; publisher?; Irish prozine; 8 issues]
Fantazia [ed.?; published by Pegasus Publishing, Birmingham; 1990-?;
"the definitive superhero magazine" mostly SF/fantasy, with some
coverage superhero RPGs mostly (but not all) drawn from the pages of
the by-then-defunct *Superhero UK* fanzine]; ISSN: 09556931]
Flagship [currently edited by Carol Mulholland of Time Patterns PBM
long running prozine since the 1980s, which used to focus primarily on
PBMs but is now promoting itself as "The Magazine for Gamers" and
currently covers RPGs, board-games, MMORPGs, Computer Games, etc.;
active as of 2004]
Flames of Albion [ed.?; Dreamworlds; dubbed "The role playing
chronicle"; 1986-; ISSN 09519874]
The Fugitive [ed.?; published by Fugitive Games; 8 issues]
Future Roleplaying [ed.?; publisher?; A4, monochrome cover. Came with
free 3.5mm cover mounted floppy with assorted games/utilities wing one
issue featuring Marcus Rowland's Forgotten Futures "Log of the
Astronef"; ? 3 issues]

Gamesman [ed.?; Pegasus Publishing, Birmingham; 1991-?]
Games and Puzzles [glossy prozine with some RPG content/coverage (ie.
one article/issue)]
Games International [ed. Brian Walker; mostly (German) board-games but
with a monthly column on RPGs written by Paul Mason]
Games Master International [GMI] [Eds. Paul Boughton, Tim Metcalf &
Wayne(surname never credited). Editorial Director Oliver Frey.
Publisher: Newsfield Publication (Shropshire) ISSN 0960-1325. August
1990 to October 1991; 15 issues]
Games Review Monthly
G.M. [Editors Paul Boughton, Tim Metcalf and Wayne ? (surname
unknown); Publisher: Croftward Ltd. (Anthony Jacobson) Sept 1988 to
march 1990 19 issues; dubbed itself "The Independent Fantasy
Roleplaying Magazine; ISSN 09550887]

Imagine [ed. Keith Thompson and Paul Cockburn; published by TSR UK
Ltd; glossy, April 1983-September 1985, 30 issues + 1 special
"Pelinore" issue that came out in 1984]
Interactive Fantasy [IF] (initially INTER*ACTION)[ed. Andrew Rilstone;
published by James Wallis; RPG theory and commentary; highly

The Last Province [ed. Paz Newis; Last Province Publishing Ltd
Oct. 1992 – Sept. 1993; 5 issues; ISSN 0966-8101]

Mektek [ed. Ashley Watkins; Glossy card cover, and dubbed as
""Quarterly Zine of
Battle Suit Warfare"; covered Battletech and its Mechwarrior RPG
offshoots; at least four issues, 1988-1990+]

Polyhedron UK [8 issues]
The Power [Hobbygames Ltd. circa 1997; described by Phil Masters as a
"mutant geek-lad-mag" so bad that had to be given away; ? two issues]
Proteus [ed. Poole?; IPC Magazines' 1984-?; dubbed "a complete fantasy
adventure game magazine"; another magazine like Diceman, with a solo
adventure in each issue; 20 issues]
Que [ed.?; 1 issue only; mostly RPG reviews]

Red Giant [ed. Clive Bailey published by Folio Works Ltd (Derby);
glossy prozine; 1990-? 3 issues only; ISSN: 09611991; note earlier
fanzine of same name]
Reviewer [ed?; 1 issue only]
Ringwraith's Shadow [ed/publisher; 1981-; ISSN 02618826]
Role Player Independent [RPI] [ed. David Renton; issues 15 & 16 edited
by Lynne Patterson; published by Chris Hankins, Sybiosis Publishing
Ltd, Worcester; Dec 1992 to Aug? 1994;
glossy prozine]
The Round Table Gaming Magazine [ed./publisher ?; 1991-; ISSN

The Scribe [editor Caroline Stuckey; glossy bimonthly, devoted mainly
to LARPS; ? active]
Signs and Portents [ed. Ian Barstow; published by Mongoose Publishing
and covers their RPGs only (Slaine, Judge Dredd, Conan, Babylon 5,
etc.); 2003-ongoing, at least 11 issues as of June 2004]
2000 A.D.'s Dice Man [ed/publisher?; ISSN 09504532]
Valkyrie [ed. Jay Forster, published by Partizan Press; 28 issues;
long running British RPG glossy magazine published at irregular
intervals; on hiatus as of 2004]
Visions [ed. Steve Turnbull; publisher John Rowe and Tau Press; First
issue May 1999; two issues; supposed to have migrated to on-line
web-based subscription zine but never appeared and the magazine went
into suspension]

Warlock [ed. Peter Darvill-Evans, then Steve Williams (subsequently
assisted by Paul Mason), and when GW moved to Nottingham, Marc
Gascoigne took over as editor. Published first by Penguin and later by
Games Workshop; glossy, devoted to game-books and Fighting Fantasy,
but also covered some RPG material and reviews; 13 issues in English
language edition, and 50 issues for Japanese; ISSN: 02674203]
Warpstone [ed. John Foody 1996+; dubbed as "reports from the heart of
corruption", this covers Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing; currently
£4.95/ issue, three issues yearly; semi-prozine which was distributed
by Hogshead Publishing for a period (issues 10-19 and a "best of"
compilation (Corrupting Influence)); editorial staff also put out an
irregular newsletter called "Legion"]
The Whisperer [ ed. Mike Mason; devoted to all things Call of Cthulhu,
~1999-2004; 5 issues]
White Dwarf [ed. Ian Livingstone et al., & published by Games Workshop
(GW); 1977- ongoing; early RPG prozine and GW house-organ that grew
out of the news-sheet Owl and Weasel; personal ads were an early
postal internet for the UK zine hobby until they were unexpectedly
stopped by editorial policy in 1987; issues 1-100 are considered to be
canon to RPG enthusiasts as GW stopped covering RPGs and concentrated
on covering their own miniatures games, essentially turning the
magazine into a monthly figures catalog; reprints exist of the first 5
issues, caveat emptor…]



Alarums & Excursions [A&E] [ed. Lee Gold, aka "A&E", monthly US
APA-zine with many UK and other international contributors, started in
1975, and active as of 2004 having missed only *one* month during this
extremely lengthy run]
drunk & disorderly [ed. Pete Lindsay; RPG APA-styled zine; 33 issues,
Hyperactive [ed. Nick Edwards; APA Zine aimed at helping "Newcomers"
to zine editing]
Lion & Lamb Chronicles [ed. Ragnar Fyri; Norwegian APA-zine with UK
Trollcrusher [editor for issues 1 to 6 Bryan Ansell (who started up
Asgard miniatures), Issues 7 to 10 by Dave Row, issues 11 to 13 by
Dave Row & John Baillie, issues 14 to 15 Edited by John Baillie,
issues 16 to 22 edited by Lawrence Miller, issues 23 to 29 (which
included two issues numbered 27) edited by Rory McLean and John Drake;
APAzine; 29 issues]
The Wild Hunt [US APA-zine, with UK contributors]


***Mail Order/newsletters***

Black Sun [ed. Steve Williams; Games Workshop mail order zine A5,
Fallout [ed.?, Ground Zero Games, A5 format; producers of SF vehicles
and accessories]
Legion [ed: John Foody; irregular Warhammer newsletter put out from
the folks behind Warpstone]
Owl & Weasel [eds. Ian Livingstone & Steve Jackson; February
1975-1977, 25 issues, forerunner of "White Dwarf"; newsletter
published by Games Workshop for their mail order business, with game
reviews and notes]


Abbreviations used:

APAzine=Amateur Press Association fanzine
Clubzine=games club fanzine
dipzine=Diplomacy fanzine
PBM-zine=Play By Mail zine
perzine=personal fanzine
prozine=professional magazine
subzine= smaller submission inside a compilation zine
2005-02-10 23:42:59 UTC

It strikes me as bizarre that anyone would be interested in this sort of
thing. It strikes me as almost - um - kinky.

And I am somewhat embarrassed by what I did. Part of me would rather
forget that it ever happened. Oh, how my toes curl if I encounter my past
efforts. None of what I did was particularly good. It amazes me that I had
the gall to inflict it on other people. Especially the terribly juvenile
and horribly self-indulgent fiction.

But the people were nice. And I think I might have helped Martin McKenna
get noticed.

"Monsterous Perversion" made it up to issue 2. I can not for the life of
me remember why I wanted to call it that.

"Die Rubezahl" got to issue 5. Yes, mispelling in a foreign language.

There were a couple/three other things that I did that had miniscule
circulation that I can not remember the name of.

I also did something in Hypercard format that even fewer people saw. This
was pre-mass internet remember. I think it have been called "Gorilla".

2005-02-11 15:13:42 UTC
On Thu, 10 Feb 2005 18:42:59 -0500, "warhelmet"
For having the nickname 'pob' alone, not to mention all his other
achievements, Pete is one of the heroes of the vanished age.

Like him, I feel the interest in 'vintage' fanzines is a little . . .

And it might be sad if anyone reads the stuff we wrote in those
long-ago days (especially the stuff that's unnecessarily abusive
towards vulnerable youngsters) and thinks it represents us nowadays.

But overall, there are far worse things in the world than a little
'oddness'. My own oddness, as I never tire of boring people with, was
forcibly stripped from me when I came to Japan, and my entire fanzine
collection went AWOL.

And you know, the funny thing is that, like my guitar, I never really
missed it.


Paul Mason
2005-02-11 20:16:40 UTC
2005-02-11 20:16:58 UTC
2005-02-11 20:31:01 UTC
It's not doing the do...

Sorry folks - I wanted to post a url - instead try googling "anne wood"
and pob. This will explain much
Brian Christopher Misiaszek
2005-02-13 19:55:16 UTC
Why be interested in RPG zines from the 1970s and 80s? Often
unpolished, badly written, crudely drawn, and sometimes barely
legible, there is still something unique about the creativity and
experimentation of these early RPG products you and your friends were
involved with. You get something that you can't get with the
slickness of today's fully typeset, colour gaming publications,
magazines or on-line fora: passion.

RPG zines from back then often had an indefinite quality of zest and
individuality that isn't often seen today in the hobby. As a product
of their times, where the hobby was still in the midst of defining
itself, its also very interesting to read contemporary role-gamers
reviewing and commenting on the RPG hobby in its earliest days, with
the zines themselves acting as an early postal version of the internet
to connect together kindred spirits, help link friends (or make bosom
enemies). Of course, there are the problems of the worthless
discussion that clutters up the articles, stuff about feuding editors
and in-jokes and toilet humour (i.e. dungeons that spell out rude
words, etc.) that are confusing to those who don't know the writers
and are newcomers to that particular zine and its personal history.
But at their best, there are those gems of articles, ideas and
discussion threads that still resonate twenty years later.

One of the sad things about their low circulations is their rarity,
and many of these paper RPG fanzines are in danger of becoming lost
forever. As physical objects themselves, the rarity of many RPG
fanzines makes them highly collectible commodities; just look to E-bay
and be surprised and shocked a little at the high prices some go for.
If you value the past in any way, and think that even in the most
callow and amateurish of RPG zine publications there can be found
something of value, this material can be seen as something worth
saving and reviewing from time to time.

I personally became interested in such zines way back in high school
(circa 1982), mailing away for a bunch that I saw advertised in the
back of White Dwarf magazine. Nearly 25 years later, after several
educational degrees (including a medical one) I still have some of
these items, and they are still treasured items in my collection as
reminders of my younger days. More recently out of idle curiosity I
asked for more information and learned to my surprise that there was
little available on the Internet on the topic of RPG fanzines, most
having closed down and their editors and writers having moved on
before the WWW arrived on the scene. The zine listing at the top of
this message thread grew out of some boredom one wintry Sunday
afternoon several years ago, and then simply grew and grew over the
years. I'm uncertain if I'm going to continue the project on, to be
honest, as my credentials as a zine writer are meagre in comparison to
others on this newsgroup.

And, like others here have mentioned, I'm disappointed that the
initial enthusiasm to get some of this material together in some form
of archival format simply withered away. I don't think that the
interest is gone, but that the difficulties in trying to do this are
very great unless some persistent and coordinated (and somewhat
obsessive) effort is devoted to the task. This is something that
would take both time and money, with little recompense other than
satisfying some deep seated curiosity which others may rightly see as
being a little unusual or odd.

Phil Masters
2005-02-14 08:14:19 UTC
... Often
unpolished, badly written, crudely drawn, and sometimes barely
legible, there is still something unique about the creativity and
experimentation of these early RPG products you and your friends were
involved with.
Let me guess; they appear to you to be written in purple ink, on
pink-tinted paper.
... You get something that you can't get with the
slickness of today's fully typeset, colour gaming publications,
I wonder what it will be. A bunch of long-stem roses? Free tickets to
a football match? Handy cleaning tips? The secret true name of Jacques
de Molay?
... passion.
Oh, that.

The funny thing is that one hears *exactly* the same line about, for
example, *Hackmaster* and 1st edition *AD&D* (which I guess do appeal
to the same impulses) - or about small-press PDF RPGs and various of
those loathsome "on-line fora". It's all just flight-from-modernity
stuff though, isn't it?

(And - fully typeset colour *magazines*, plural? Okay, I guess that
there are still two standing...)
Phil Masters http://www.philm.demon.co.uk
Consternation: RPG Convention, Cambridge, 2005:
Mr. Tines
2005-02-14 17:40:57 UTC
Post by Phil Masters
... You get something that you can't get with the
slickness of today's fully typeset, colour gaming publications,
I wonder what it will be. A bunch of long-stem roses? Free tickets to
a football match? Handy cleaning tips? The secret true name of Jacques
de Molay?
... passion.
Oh, that.
Wide-eyed naivety of the writing coupled with nostalgia on the part of
the reader is closer to the mark - but it is something that lends a
certain charm to the stuff from about 25 years ago, even to a jaded old
burn-out like me.

As in all fields, Sturgeon's law applies, though.

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2005-02-20 00:14:45 UTC
Let me guess; they appear to you to be written >in purple ink, on
pink-tinted paper.

Spirit duplicators!